Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family update...finally!

I just wanted to send out a quick post to say, "hi"!  The Halsted homestead has been very busy and the days are flying by!   

I am really enjoying Elizabeth.  She is a happy baby and a great sleeper at night.  She is 7 weeks already which seems impossible to believe because it feels like only 7 days have past since she was born!  

Sophie started preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and she is loving it.  Her teachers are always saying great things about her which makes me feel like I have done something right! We are working very hard on some discipline issues that have emerged since her baby sister came along, but every day we see improvement.  

My third baby is coordinating our children's program for MOPS at my church.  MOPS is a great ministry for mothers of preschoolers to get together and receive some support and encouragement twice a month.  We have 50 kids in the MOPPETS children's program that cares for and teaches them while their mommies are at MOPS meetings.  I am preparing lesson plans, crafts, snacks, songs, games, activities for the kids for each meeting and leading our team of teachers this year.  I love the work that I am doing, but it has sure kept me busy.  I have given just about all of my free time to this ministry in these last few weeks which is why I have not posted a blog entry in forever!!

Clint and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on August 25th!  That first year was full of change, challenges, and blessings.  I think we are both relieved a bit to get beyond it and settle into our life as the Halsted family now.  Clint went from single guy to married with two kids in less than a year.  He has been a wonderful father though; he's a natural and both girls adore him!

Next week, we are all heading to Arkansas to visit Clint's family and introduce them to Elizabeth Rose.  Sophie has 10 cousins to play with there and she asks every day, "Are we going to Arkansas today" because she is so excited to see everyone!

I will hopefully get some new photos posted soon and stay on top of future blog entries.  Thanks for checking in!