Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 2010 Christmas Photo Experience

Have you ever had an idea that seemed really great at the time and then later you realized it was a really bad idea, but it was too late to change your mind? So, I thought that I would save time and money by taking my own photo of the girls in front of the Christmas tree to send out to friends and family. How hard can this be, right? I realized as I was getting the girls all dressed up that this may have been a bad idea. Ella was having a meltdown because she wanted to wear a pink tu-tu skirt over her pretty Christmas dress and I asked her not to. Kate was not liking her tights and she was trying to rip them off (I can't really blame her...I feel the same way about them). Sophie was grumbling about the whole idea. After some coaching and cheerleading from mommy, I managed to get them all to agree to sit by the tree, but I couldn't get them all to be still and smile and look at the camera at the same time! How do photographers do that? I had to jump around and make silly faces and noises like a clown while Clint tried to snap a few photos. We took around 40 photos, several breaks, and finally ended up with 1 photo that was pretty good 45 minutes later. We laughed afterwards. It was quite the experience. Next year, I am going to let a professional handle the job! Oh, and I only managed to get Christmas cards and photos out to family this year. I apologize to all of my friends for not sending out Christmas greetings and the fruit of our hard photography labor, but please look forward to a fabulous, professional photo card next year! Merry Christmas to all!!