Monday, February 7, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

Ella says the funniest, sweetest, and most adorable things! I love how she expresses herself and communicates with us. Actually, she will talk to anyone who will listen! It took her a long time to find her words, but as she neared 2 years old, her babble finally became recognizable and now it will be memorable too.

Ella's first word - "uh-oh"

Ella's first sentence - "Max, shut mouf!" (to our dog who was barking when she was trying to take a nap)

Ella's famous phrases -
"That's too loud!"
"Shhhh, baby sleeping!"
"Yummy cakes please!"
"Dance with me!"
"Daddy home!"
"Kiss my boo-boo."
"Feel better."
"My boo-boo needs a banaid."
"Wuv you!" (love you!)
"That's my favorite!" (to just about everything)
"I clean it."
"I help you!"
"Ella do!"
"I do it by myself."
"Ella eata it!"
"No baby Kate...that's mine!"
"I need my pretty dress."
"I see you later!"

Funny mistakes -
"No may!" (instead of no mam)
"That's my pot!" (instead of that's my spot)
"auce" or "appo-auce" (instead of applesauce)
"obama" (instead of bottom...really...I'm not kidding)

Precious moments -
When baby Kate is crying, Ella says, "It ok...Ella here, I'm wying" as she strokes her head and gives her a kiss.

Big sister Ella will also let me know when Baby Kate is hungry. She says, "baby needs to nurse" or "baby wants mama's milk."

When I get her out of her crib in the morning she will hug me and say, "Good morning! I sleep good!"

When Ella sees me clean something up she says, "Good job mommy! I so proud of you!"

Clint and I call each other babe or honey so Ella will sometimes greet us by saying, "hi honey" or "hey babe" - so cute!

The other day, I asked her to help me clean up and she said, "I can't hear you." So, I got right next to her and looked in her eyes and asked her again. She looked right in my eyes and with a smile said, "I still can't hear you." I couldn't help but laugh. What a stinker!

Ella also loves to loud as she can! She makes me smile everyday. What a fun stage!