Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sophie Goes To School

This year, Sophie is attending a traditional public school. This is a huge shift for us and we are taking it one day at a time, but Sophie enjoys it most days so far. We loved our homeschool experience last year and we may go back to it in the future, but we are really trying to give traditional school a try. Why the change? Initially, it was because I was getting a lot of pressure from Sophie's dad and others to send Sophie to school and it is difficult to stand up to that on a regular basis. I grew weary of defending the benefits of homeschooling. I still believe that homeschooling is a better educational choice for Sophie with numerous benefits that go above and beyond school work, but we have decided to take a break from it for now. Sophie misses homeschooling too, but she also loves recess and lunch time and riding the school bus with her new friends. Tax dollars well spent :). In all fairness, Sophie has a wonderful teacher who loves the Lord and loves to teach. As the school year progresses, the school work should become more challenging and Sophie will be more interested in learning.

Clint also encouraged me to look at the advantages of traditional school and there have been some really great ones. I am able to spend more time focusing my attention on Ella and Kate. Ella is really blossoming. She was speech delayed and now she is saying new words every day and putting together 5 word sentences. I have seen Ella emerge into her own person instead of always following Sophie's lead. Kate is so happy and fun to play with and I am really enjoying our moments together. I also have a lot to accomplish around the house right now since we just moved. I have boxes to unpack and organization to do so I can make our home liveable in addition to the normal housework. Sophie is meeting new friends while she is at school during the day and that is helping her to make the adjustment to a new town. This is good timing for our whole family to try something different.

Sophie has also had the opportunity to share about Jesus with some kids on the school bus and a little girl who had never heard His name before! God has a plan for Sophie's life and He is already using her to share His great love with other kids. That's the only reason I really need to send her to public school. Sophie just may have the gift of evangelism and she may be right where God wants her to be so He can use her to tell others about Jesus and the great hope we have in Christ!

Home Sweet Home!

We are officially residents of Statesville and so far we love it here! I can honestly say that we are already feeling right at home even though there are still boxes to unpack. We love the character and charm of our historic home, the tree-lined streets with sidewalks that lead to the heart of downtown, the short walk to Clint's new job at the college, the family friendly community events, and the small town atmosphere full of friendly people. I love that the mailman, Bud, an elderly gentleman, comes right to the house to deliver the mail and he stops to chat a couple of times a week. I love that I am able to take walks with the girls everyday around town, to the park, or even a grocery store. I love being able to drive somewhere without traffic. Both Clint and I love that this town is so rich with history. We love being much closer to the mountains too. This town is a great fit for Clint and I and a great place to raise the girls. I am so glad that we trusted in the Lord and followed His lead here!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We love Aunt Allie!

My sister came to visit us recently and we had such a great time with her! The girls missed their Aunt Allie and I really needed some sissy time. Allie brought me wine and chocolates and she even cut my hair for me. She is so thoughtful and giving and she always knows how to make me feel better. I have the best sister in the world!!! While Allie was here, we finally got a couple of photos of our whole family of 5 too.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Fresh Start

I am so excited to begin blogging again! I have missed recording family moments, sharing thoughts and pictures, and creating a journal of memories. After Kate's birth, I had my hands full with newborn care, a very needy toddler, homeschooling our oldest, my sister's wedding (for which I was the matron of honor), my husband's job and career change, selling our home, selling or donating half of our belongings and packing the rest, moving across the state with a few stops along the way, and finally settling into our new home! In the midst of it all, my computer's hard drive crashed and my ability to blog or communicate via the internet was limited to a few cell phone uploads. It has been a long 7 months, but with a new season just around the corner comes a new beginning for our family and a fresh start in many ways!