Monday, December 10, 2007

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
How's your day? I hope you have a great time giving people presents. I hope the people like what you got them. I hope little girls give you hugs and take pictures with you. Do you have a pet? We could get you a doggie. Would you like to come to our birthday party for baby Jesus? My mommy's making a cake, but babies can't have too much sweet stuff...just a little, teeny bite. Do you have a wife? [Sophie giggles and says, "I think he has a wife"] How's your wife? How's your marriage? [Sophie giggles some more and says, "I think they just got married...that's so exciting!"] How's your baby? I'm going to color a picture and send it to you.
Love, Sophie
Age 3

Sophie wanted to write a letter to Santa this morning so we sat down and she told me what to write. These were her precious words and I had to save them.

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vanessa calderon said...

so sweet! thanks for sharing. i can hear her precious giggles and intelligent questions. she's always seemed so wise! i love her!