Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Sophie!

I can not believe it has been 4 years since Sophie was born! Thinking back to the day she came into my life still brings tears to my eyes (who am I kidding...I was sobbing most of the day on her birthday)! January 4th was the actual day, but we celebrated with a royal tea party with some of her little friends on Saturday. It was so precious! We didn't take very many pictures because we were busy partying, but here are a few. I am also going to try to post my first video!

Pretty in PINK! At the birthday girl's request, there was pink as far as the eye could see. We had pink lemonade (our "tea"), pink cupcakes, pink cookies, pink flowers, pink balloons, pink feather boas, and more pink! Did I mention that Sophie likes pink?

Katie and Sarah are modeling the latest in princess fashion...our party hat craft that kicked off the morning!We played some fun tea party-themed games

And of course, we had to do some music activities! This was the cupcake march with our lollipop drums!

Time to sing Happy Birthday...

The kids enjoyed their tea and cupcake treats!

Sophie's favorite part was the pink frosting.

Sophie had lots of little helpers during present opening time. All of the kids seemed to enjoy seeing what was in those pretty packages!

Clint and I got Sophie her first big girl bike (with the Disney princesses on it of course) and she couldn't wait to ride it later that afternoon.

Here is Sophie with all of her protective biker girl gear on. When she went for her first ride, I was holding onto the handlebar with a white-knuckled grip, but after a while she wanted to ride on her own. I cautiously let go saying, "Be careful, don't go too fast, remember to break...!" Sophie (sounding like quite the grown up) said, "Mooooom, I know what to do." And she was off. It was such a symbolic moment. She is growing up so fast and I know there will be many more moments over the years when I will have to let go and let her become Sophie. I am so proud of her already. She has shown me how strong, smart, and self-sufficient that she is. By the way, she did a great job riding that bike. She looked like a pro her first ride down the street handling curves and breaking when she got going too fast. I officially have a big girl and I love her more today than ever! Happy 4th Birthday my sweet Sophie!

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vanessa calderon said...

what fun you must have had! LOVE the hats. it all looks so elegant!

hopefully we can get a raincheck for a tea party someday!