Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 months old today!!

I can't believe our sweet baby is already 3 months old!  I have to remind myself for the record that she was growing well and was so peaceful the first six weeks of her life.  She was on target to be in the 50% range for height and weight.  

Unfortunately, these last six weeks she has not made the same progress.  She weighs 10 lbs. 4 oz. today which barely has her on the growth chart at 3% range and is 22" tall which has dropped her to the 15% range.  Since the reflux causes her to throw up so much, she is not able to gain the nourishment she needs from my milk to grow.  We recently doubled the dosage of medication she is on and the pediatrician recommended that we switch to a combination of two more aggressive meds to be given 6 times a day, but we are giving her one more week to show some sign of progress.  I am also breastfeeding her every two hours now during the day and waking her every 4 hours at night (or at least trying to) so I can nurse her and try to increase her weight. Of course there is much talk about supplementing with formula or rice cereal, but I don't really want to do that yet since she is so young.  I have been really frustrated lately.  

However, yesterday she had a great day!  She did not throw up as much and she did not cry because of pain until 4:00 pm.  That is a miracle!  On Sunday night, we took her to church and had our pastors pray over her.  It was an awesome time of prayer and I know God heard our pleas for healing.  He is so faithful to answer so we are waiting with great expectations!! 


Stephens Family News said...

Poor little sweetheart!

I'll be praying for her.

It may help to talk to Angie Tucker about this too...Noah had problems with reflux as an infant.

Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Gosh Kristen, you've got a tough job right now! You looked so great and relaxed when I saw you at Triangle. You are doing a great job... what a super mother you are... Sophie and Elizabeth are very lucky. I hope that Elizabeth improves now that she is 3 months old. Thinking of you...

KatrinLaurel said...

She looks HUGE to me!

And don't use bad words... "FRMLA" and "SPPLMNT" ahhhh!


You guys are doing great. She'd spit up whatever you give her. She won't like formula better. If anything, it will just upset her tummy even more since it wasn't created by mother nature [Kristen] especially for her.