Friday, October 9, 2009

Sophie's dance class

I just wanted to add a few more pictures of Sophie's dance class this fall (taken by her dance teacher, Miss Lisa).  She loves it!!  I love it!!  A friend recommended this studio where they have classes for homeschool students.  Sophie has dance class on Wednesday mornings with a bunch of other girls 5-8 years old.  They are like a big family and I get to talk to other moms who are homeschooling to get great tips about daily schedules, curriculum options, making it's great!  The best part is that the teacher is a Christian so the girls begin and end class with prayer and they dance to praise and worship music. Instead of a recital, they will perform at a local nursing home for the elderly.  What a blessing!

Here is miss twinkle toes with her class...

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Sherri said...

I love these pics. Sophie is the prettiest little girl. I would love to hear the name of the studio. Sounds perfect for our Sarah.