Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Family Photos

Digital cameras are great, however, I have gotten into the habit of hiding all of our precious memories in a file on the computer. In fact, the only pictures I have framed in the house are Sophie's 6 month old portraits that I had done at JCPenneys 3 1/2 years ago! So, I decided that I need to start going through those picture files and printing some family photos. Here are a few that I found of Sophie to get us started.

My favorite picture of Sophie at the park

Thoroughly enjoying her ice cream!Taking a breakEyeing the cake at our wedding

Always the princess...With Aunt AllieEven Clint has had some dress up fun with Sophie...what a sport! He has truly embraced the pink princess in his life!

Her prince charming


Stephens Family News said...

Hi Kristen! We miss you! I got the link for your blog off of Angie's blog. :o) Hope you're all doing well. Sophie looks so cute in these pictures!

I've just started our blog, and I'm trying to get caught up so I can start posting current pictures by Noelle's 1st birthday! Here's our blog address:



Carrie said...

So?....Boy or Girl? Hamburger or hot dog? We're can't wait to find out! We found out on Valentine's Day that we have another little girl on the way:) So there will be lots of pink, tea parties and princesses in our future. I like the photo of Clint all "dressed up". Hope you all are well.
Love carrie