Thursday, February 7, 2008

We survived preschool registration!

We heard plenty of horror stories and I was prepared for plenty of stress and disappointment, however, the preschool registration process was a huge success today and Sophie actually got picked for enrollment at the first school we tried to get into! Praise God! Getting into a preschool program around here is like trying to get into college. There are very few spots open each year and hundreds of children to fill those spots. This area is growing so fast that there are not enough schools for all of the kids. That is why some parents actually camp out the night before preschool registration to make sure their children get a spot in a crazy! Other schools have a lottery system for open spots. Everyone arrives at the same time and gets their names thrown in a hat (or box). The names are pulled out of the box at a certain time and whether or not you get in is based on the luck of the draw. That is what happened this morning. After hours of researching preschools, I had narrowed it down to 6 schools. Clint and I both thought that this one school sounded the best and we had the best chance of getting in. They had 4 spots open because they opened a new 4 year old class. We went, we waited, we listened, and Sophie's name was the last name called to fill the fourth spot in her class. It was so exciting! I felt like we had won the lottery...wait a minute, we did!

I have loved being at home with Sophie and I really went back and forth on whether or not to enroll her in a preschool program this fall, but I found this sweet little church that has a Christian based curriculum that will teach Sophie the Bible as well as reading and writing skills. There will only be 8 kids in her classroom with 2 teachers...that is a great ratio! She will only go 3 mornings each week and I really think this will be a special time for Sophie. She loves to be around other kids and this school sounds like a great fit for her. While Sophie is at preschool this fall, I will also be enjoying some special time with our new baby who will only be 4 or 5 weeks old when preschool begins.

I am happy to say that preschool registration ended up being a stress-free and exciting experience for us and we can't wait to begin this fall!

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