Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Long Journey to Home

In November 2007, our house went on the market for sale by owner after we felt convicted to reduce our large mortgage payment. After a few months and no offers, we took the sign out of the yard and prayed and continued to work hard to prepare the house to sell. In March 2008, we listed the house with our friend and real estate agent. Although we got off to a slow start, we ended up having 14 showings in 6 weeks and 6 of those showings were in one weekend! Three real estate agents called and said that they were preparing offers with their clients for our home. We had a very exciting week last week awaiting an offer or two or three to come in, but to our surprise, not one offer came in. All three families chose different homes.

So, after more prayer and the realization that this is just not the right time for us to sell (for many reasons), we took the house off the market and we will be refinancing instead. We have so much peace about this decision and we are relieved to know where our home is. We are expecting our baby girl to arrive in about 11 weeks and now we can just focus on that event in our lives instead of worrying about packing and moving and resettling before, during, or shortly after her birth. We know that God will provide while we are in this house as He always has and when the time is right sometime down the road, we will sell. However, for now, we are home and I am so glad! This weekend we will be preparing a nursery and I can't wait! Hopefully I will have some pictures to share as we get everything done.


TonyB said...

Hey guys. I have always found the just making a decision provides an immense amount of peace. When I first hit the 2 year mark at my job, I debated and waffled on moving on to some form of ministry, or sticking with it. I was beating myself up over not going into the ministry. Then one day I realized God just wanted me to make a decision. He would bring everything together, I just needed to do the best I could. I knew I could never be happy as long as I waffled around, so I made a decision to stick it out and try to be a light where I am. Once I did that, I was freed to enjoy where God had me, trusting him that if He wanted me to go into ministry, or some other career, He would reveal it in His time and way. Sorry for the long comment, just got me thinking. Oh, hope this all makes sense. Maybe I should blog about these thoughts on my own blog:-).

Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Hi Kristen and Sophie!! Kristen, thank you for the nedi pot idea. A natural doctor also recommended it, so I went to Whole Foods and got one. It really does help, and I've only used it one time. I'm glad there is a natural alternative.. you sholud try out. They are $20 at Whole Foods. I hope you are feeling better though. I bet you guys are really feeling Ella move a lot now. We miss you and Sophie : )
Love - Shanna

KatrinLaurel said...

Nothing is more settling, then having your mind settled. Now you can settle into you babynest. ENJOY!