Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The 3's

Lately, I have been reflecting on some very significant 3's in my life and how they have all changed me.

I have officially entered the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy...yeah! We are all counting down the days until we meet our baby girl, Elizabeth Rose. When I think about this new life we are about to have, I am filled with so much happiness and gratitude.

3 years ago, I was experiencing 3 deaths at this time of year. One grandmother passed away and then about 30 days later, my other grandmother passed away. On that same day, my first husband left Sophie and I and I lost my marriage. I remember how empty I felt after I heard the news from my mom and then watched my husband carry the last box out of the house. In that moment of grief, I did not believe that I would ever recover.

God promises His children that He will renew our hope and our strength, restore our wasted years, turn what was intended to harm us into something good, and turn our weeping into joy. I am so grateful today that God has fulfilled all of these promises in my life. I remember the pain and sadness only so I can thank God for hearing my cries for comfort and help, carrying me through that difficult time, and giving me peace and new life to find great joy in. We have such a loving Father.

It is easy for me to be grateful in this amazing season of happiness with so much new life to look forward to, however, I am reminded as well to be grateful at all times because He is with us no matter what we are going through.


Stephens Family News said...

God is so awesome! So happy for you!

KatrinLaurel said...

There is nothing we are handed that we cannot handle. It is a matter of will, ingenuity, strength, and belief that sees us through to our choice of happiness. Without losses, there are no gains.

My favorite number is three too! AND my favorite holiday is Easter, too!