Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Babymoon - Part I

Clint and I went to the mountains last weekend to spend some time together and try to get some rest before the baby comes. Evidently, there is a new word for this kind of vacation prior to the birth of a baby...the "babymoon". How funny! Anyway, we had an amazing weekend and we feel as ready as we can be (mentally and emotionally) for our baby to arrive. We have about 6 weeks to go! Now, as far as having our to do list finished, we have many, many more tasks to complete. We do have a carseat in the car and a crib for her to sleep in, but that is pretty much it. I guess we need to get busy, but first, here are some photos from our weekend trip...

Clint and I outside of our B&B

34 weeks pregnant...6 weeks to go!

The beautiful English Manor Bed & Breakfast that we stayed at in Mt. Airy, NC

The gardens were unbelievable...

The view out of our window

We spent some time in downtown Mt. Airy as well which is full of history, cute shops, and friendly people. I'll post some more pics of our downtown adventure later.

Part II of the "Babymoon" was spent in an old farmhouse in the rolling foothills of Virginia. Our stay was so restful and peace-filled. All we could see was land for miles and miles. I'll add a post about this portion of our trip later as well.


Sherri said...

These pics are gorgeous. You are such a cute preggo. Do share referrals for the B&B - it looks great!

Can't wait to meet your baby girl!

Stephens Family News said...

Hey Kristen!
So glad you had the chance to do this! You're looking so pretty and you've got that "Mommy glow"! :o)

Shanna from BabySchrades said...

you look so cute!!

KatrinLaurel said...

That is amazing! What a wonderful gift you gave the baby and each other!

You look really wonderful too! Pregnancy agrees with you.