Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and our baby girl is in a transverse lie which means she is sideways in my belly. Sideways is no way for a baby to come out naturally so this is not good news for us. I have less than a week to try every trick and technique out there to encourage her to move head down. After 36-37 weeks, she will be too big to make her move. We have an ultrasound scheduled next week to check the progress and from there, we may need to schedule a procedure called an external version done in the hospital to move the baby head down. External version may result in labor so we may be having a baby in two weeks! We are currently facing a C-section as our only option for the delivery so we are praying for miss Elizabeth to turn soon so we are able to have the natural, unmedicated birth we have been planning for and are hoping for. We will keep you posted!


Stephens Family News said...

Hi Kristen,
Wow...35 weeks! I'll be praying for you and for Elizabeth's position!

If a c-section ends up being the safest option, try to look on this as God's protection for you both. I ended up with a c-section with Noelle, and in the end was grateful because my Dr. told us that she was just laying on my pelvis!

Much love,

Slippys said...

Hello my friend!! Have you heard of the Webster technique? It's a gentle, non-invasive chiropractic technique to encourage the baby to turn head-down. We had to have it done around 35 weeks with Lily (by Dr. O'Neill) and immediately she flipped! Do you have a good chiro there? Look forward to catching up soon. Miss you ~


Sherri said...

I'm a big believer in chiropractic! I can also say that my recovery with Evan after having had a C section was as easy if not easier than Sarah's delivery which wasn't via C section. Oh and turns out the cord was wrapped around his neck so there's one more reason why the C section wasn't such a bad thing. Whatever the delivery method, God is in control and we can't wait to meet your beautiful little girl. We'll be praying!

Todd said...

I have been thinking about you alot this past week. We will be praying that the baby turns naturally and that all goes smoothly. I always love this part of pregnancy because you can look back and go.... wow, that went fast and we are almost there!! Can't wait to hear about Elizabeth's arrival.
Much love,

KatrinLaurel said...

I think Acupuncture works too.