Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Salon Experience!

A few weeks ago, Sophie told me that she was ready to get her hair cut.  She has had it trimmed before at home by me or her Aunt Allie, but this time... she wanted the "salon experience".  So, her Aunt Allie (who is a hair stylist) set it all up for her.  Allie works at this fabulous salon in Chapel Hill called Caju.  The salon owner (thank you Patricia) let Allie open the salon yesterday (they are usually closed on Mondays) so Sophie could have her very own "salon experience".   Thank you so much Aunt Allie for loving Sophie so much and for using your day off of work to make Sophie feel so special!!  We love you! 

Waiting her turn (hee, hee) ...

Caju Salon


"This is so cool!"

Look at that long hair!

The first cut

She was smiling just about the entire time!

Evidence that my little baby is a big girl now ... little tear :)

After - Wow... she looks so grown up!

"I love my Aunt Allie!"

Cute place called Lickety Splits where we ate lunch and had some ice cream

Vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles - 
the perfect ending for her perfect "salon experience" day


Stephens Family News said...

What a great "Girly Day" kind of experience! Love it! :o)

Shanna from BabySchrades said...

What a big girl! I can't believe she was only "almost 3" when I met her - seems like yesterday. Aren't you loving your baby girl? Ellen is getting more sturdy now and starting to express her opinion - it is so funny and amazing. Hope to see you sometime in the next 20 years : )