Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy 9 months baby girl!

(technically she was 9 months old on April 28th, but I am a little behind on my blogging!)

Sweet baby Elizabeth Rose has officially been out of my belly as long as she was in my belly!  I love this milestone.  I feel much more confident these days as a mother of two.  It was a little tough for me to make the transition from one child to two children even though Sophie is a little older and such a great helper.  I often felt drained trying to balance my time between the girls and meet both of their needs, but I think I have finally learned how to manage and life seems just a little simpler and more organized these days.   

Ella has changed SO much this month!  She is signing "milk" and "more".  She got two new teeth (one on the top and one on the bottom for a total of 5 now).  She is eating "finger foods" - peas, cheerios, tiny bites of week beans!  She is drinking water out of her sippy cup. She started clapping, dancing and "singing", and now she is crawling!!  She is getting into everything!  We are quickly trying to baby-proof every nook and cranny because Ella is an explorer!  She is so much fun and we are having a blast with her!

Elizabeth had a minor set back with her growth this week.  She has not gained any weight in 4 weeks. She is still 14 lbs. 1 oz.  Her head has grown considerably and is actually in the 30% for her age, but her weight and height have plateaued again so we are being sent back up to UNC Chapel Hill for further testing.  I am not too concerned at this point...just a little frustrated that she is struggling so much to grow.  She may be little, but she will be smart!  She is so aware and interested in everything!  She loves to play and move around on the floor and her new favorite things are books (no surprise there).  

It's been a while since I have posted new photos of her...enjoy! 

I call this the "pooper-saucer" now because this is where the poops happen :)

"I'm feeding myself!"

All blonde now just like daddy and big sis


aunt pat said...

What great pictures. Someday she will be happy not to gain weight quickly. You've had so much on your plate this year, but it looks like you're ok now. She is so cute. I bet Clint is so proud of her. Good luck at UNC.

Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Kristen, she is so cute1 Love the pics : )

Sherri said...

She's adorable! Happy 9 months, Ella.

Heather said...

She is just beautiful. Will be praying that she starts gaining again.

Tucker Family said...

I can't believe that she's 9 months old already. She's such a cutie! :)
I'll be praying about your upcoming visit to UNC. I hope everything goes smoothly!