Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great Day for a Great Dad!

Clint has been such a great daddy!  He jumped right into parenthood when we got married and he is a natural!  He and Sophie have such a special relationship and I have loved watching the two of them become "parkners".  Sophie is Clint's shadow.  She loves to be with him and do everything that he is doing (except drink sweet tea, of course)!  This year he took her to a Father/Daughter dance at our church and Sophie had a ball!  


getting in her "carriage" for the journey to the ball that night :)

Clint also adores his new baby girl, Elizabeth.  Even though he calls her "pooper-stink" most days, I know he loves her bunches.  He is the ultimate goofy dad who loves to make the girls laugh, but he also loves to give lots of kisses and hugs and snuggle with them too.  

This is still my favorite picture of daddy and baby.  It melts my heart every time I see it!

Clint and his girls...

We had a great time on Father's Day with our favorite daddy.  Clint wanted a day at home with his family so we made him a special breakfast and spent some time just relaxing.  Later, Clint and Sophie had a water balloon fight and played on the slip and slide and then we all took a Jeep ride to Sonic for treats.  It was a great day for a great dad!

We love you daddy!


Carrie said...

THis brought tears to my eyes, because I am so happy for the way God has blessed you and Sophie. What an amazing journey you've been through (I know it's not over yet). If only we could have sen the future during all of those phone calls:) So happy for all of you.

aunt pat said...


Sherri said...

Jeff almost took Sarah to that same daddy daughter dance. Wish we had known Clint was taking Sophie!

You and the girls are blessed!