Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

We spent Christmas at home this year.  We went to my parents house on Christmas Eve and ate lots of yummy food and sweets and opened lots of presents.  On Christmas Day Clint and I and the girls had a quiet morning at home.  We exchanged a few more gifts to each other and started some new family traditions.  We missed seeing Clint's family in Arkansas, but we are planning a trip there in the spring.  Here are some pics...

I know...very silly.  The hat was for Ella, but she was busy nursing at the time so Clint thought I should wear it :)
Papa handing out gifts
Aunt Allie and her boyfriend, Raimel, opening a present from Sophie :)

Our tree on Christmas morning

Sophie really wanted make up this year...what a big girl!!!

Look at my new toy!
Playing is hard work...I need to relax now (look at how she crosses her legs...too funny)!

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