Friday, December 19, 2008

Weighing In...

We have had a couple of frustrating months with our little baby girl.  Ella has gone through many tests and doctor's office and hospital visits and has seen more specialists than I have in my lifetime!  The awesome news is that we have ruled out some pretty serious causes for her failure to thrive and she is at least maintaining a weight of 10 lbs. and 9 oz.   At this point, the most likely cause of her lack of weight gain is a severe case of gastroesophageal reflux and an underdeveloped/weak lower esophageal sphincter muscle.  This muscle is supposed to keep my breastmilk down in her tummy, but it is not doing a very good job so instead my breastmilk ends up all over me in the form of vomit most of the time :).  Since Ella is experiencing some major heartburn on a regular basis she is limiting her milk intake.  My lactation consultant told me that we have a very smart baby and she knows when to stop eating so she doesn't experience the heartburn from reflux.  I guess she would rather feel hungry than have heartburn.  I know how she feels!  In the last few months of my pregnancy with her, my heartburn was so bad that I dreaded eating. Even water caused me pain.  I just hate that she is feeling pain :(.  It is so sad to see it in her face.

We are hoping to find a safe and effective regimen of medication that will reduce the heartburn and vomiting and make Ella feel comfortable enough to take in the milk she needs to grow.  She has lost some muscle mass and is behind developmentally.  We love having a little peanut to snuggle with, but we want her to grow and be healthy!  She is currently the size of an average 2 month old baby.  Next week she will be 5 months old.

Even though Ella is not quite out of the woods just yet, I am confident that she will be soon! We trust the Lord and His healing hands!

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Sherri said...

Oh My! I had no idea her struggles were so severe. We will be praying for Ella and your precious family. Grow Ella grow! We love you!