Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great at 8 months!

Elizabeth Rose is 8 months old now and is doing great!  She seems to be right on track developmentally now and she is still growing...yay!  Ella is so much more content these days. She only fusses when she is hungry, tired, wants to be held, or needs a poopy diaper changed...very typical.  Since I am usually holding her and she only poops once every 5 days now instead of 5 times a day (sorry if that is TMI), it is rare to hear her cry.  She has been teething off and on and she has a new tooth on top.  She "talks" all the time now and she has even signed her first word...milk (of course)!  I thought it was just a fluke since she is so young, but she has consistently been using the sign and staring right at the source of her milk when she signs so I know she understands.  Wow...babies are smart!

Ella is still nursing 6 times a day and she eats solids 2-3 times a day.  She likes oatmeal cereal and sweet potatoes the best, but she also eats rice cereal, avocado, bananas, and butternut squash (all pureed of course).  I am making my own baby food which I would highly recommend because it is easy, very cost effective (28 servings for $1-2 instead of $15-20 at the grocery store), and nutritious!  I know exactly what she is preservatives or dyes or sweeteners added.  We finally bought a high chair since feedings in the bouncy seat were just not working anymore :).  It is a "super space saver" chair (ooooh, aaaaaah) that attaches to one of our chairs.  She loves being at the table with us.

She is also trying a little water now although she likes to use the sippy cup more as a teether.

Ella practices standing up in her ExerSaucer.  She plays in there when I am making dinner or cleaning up in the kitchen sometimes and it works out really well.

She also likes to play the piano...babies love music!

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Janet said...

What a sweet little girl! Love all the pics, but especially the first one!