Sunday, March 15, 2009

My well-rounded child

Sophie loves to be very "girlie".  She loves the color pink, dresses up like a princess nearly every day, dances and twirls around the house get the idea.  Sophie also loves to "be a boy" as she puts it.  I certainly did not teach her that certain things are gender specific; however, she has really taken notice of the differences between me and Clint lately.  She sees Clint using his tools around the house and she wants to "project" with him.  She sees me putting on make up and she wants to try.  She sees Clint take off his shirt and she takes hers off too and declares that she wants to be a boy for the day!  She sees me baking and she jumps right in to help.  Clint takes her on wild Jeep rides and she wants to be wild like the boys!  She sees me nurse the baby and she nurses her baby dolls too.  She sees Clint playing sports and running around and climbing things outside and, of course, she wants to do what he is doing.  She tells me to stay in the house because it might get a little rough out there doing "boy" stuff.  "Boy" stuff is more dangerous and exciting to Sophie and she is always telling me not to worry! It is all too funny!  The great thing is that she enjoys it all.  Sophie is a very well-rounded child and we will continue to encourage her to try all long as they are not too dangerous :)! 

Clint is wondering if mommy is mad that he let Sophie climb on top of the Jeep...

Sophie:  "Don't worry mom...I won't fall!" (as she balances on the roll bar)
Mommy:  "Clint... don't let go of her or I'll ... "

I bought Sophie some play tools because Clint-y kept letting her use the real ones.  I know it is important for her to experience the real ones too while supervised, but mommy knows that when Clint-y gets focused on his projects, the supervision dwindles and Sophie alone with a saw, hammer, and nails is just not a super idea! (Can you see why I am earning the name "party-pooper" around the house!)

See...she is still having fun spending time with her "partner"!

Sporty Princess...the outfit says it all! 

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