Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We are officially residents of Statesville and so far we love it here! I can honestly say that we are already feeling right at home even though there are still boxes to unpack. We love the character and charm of our historic home, the tree-lined streets with sidewalks that lead to the heart of downtown, the short walk to Clint's new job at the college, the family friendly community events, and the small town atmosphere full of friendly people. I love that the mailman, Bud, an elderly gentleman, comes right to the house to deliver the mail and he stops to chat a couple of times a week. I love that I am able to take walks with the girls everyday around town, to the park, or even a grocery store. I love being able to drive somewhere without traffic. Both Clint and I love that this town is so rich with history. We love being much closer to the mountains too. This town is a great fit for Clint and I and a great place to raise the girls. I am so glad that we trusted in the Lord and followed His lead here!

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