Saturday, October 13, 2007

NC State Fair 2007

We went to the NC State Fair for opening day yesterday and had a great time! Sophie got to ride a few rides, pet some farm animals, and to our pleasant surprise we got to see our favorite bluegrass band perform live! If you are interested in going, you can visit for more info. The fair is only in town for 10 days and there is so much to see and enjoy (and eat)! I would definitely recommend going!

That's Sophie in the caboose of the train

"Hi mom!" (that's Sophie again in the back window of the caboose)

Of course, Sophie had to ride the jet ski ride so she could be just like Clint!

Surprise, surprise...she chose the pink one!

The Wells Family Band - great musicians, great singers, great live music! They will be performing again at the State Fair Sun. Oct 14 - Tues. Oct 16 at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Please visit for MP3's, video clips, and more info on this bluegrass family from Clayton, NC.

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