Friday, October 12, 2007

Sophie (May 2004 - August 2004)

More photos of Sophie...

May 2004 - "Look what I can do...I figured out how to lift up my head...I like this view!"

"Peek-a-boo, I see you!" - Sophie's favorite game

Sophie's favorite spot to snooze was in my arms, but the carseat ran a close second!

Sophie's least favorite spot to sleep - her crib! Sophie had a strong aversion to her crib and would usually scream and hold onto me for dear life when we got near it. I took this picture just to prove to myself that she could be happy in it! She probably spent a total of 10 hours (awake) in the crib. It looked pretty in her room, though!

June 2004 - "I've discovered my toes and I love them"

Sophie was being silly and trying to stick her tongue out at the camera...a ham is born!

July 2004 - Sophie went throught the, "I love my binky and I must have my binky" phase, but it only lasted 1 month.

The bib says it all - CUTE!!!

Again with the binky and her other new love...Baby Einstein (developmentally appropriate DVD's for babies that Sophie was mesmerized with long enough for me to take a shower)!

First Fourth of July celebration - Sophie and Papa (my dad) are expressing their patriotism!

First experience with solid food - organic rice cereal most of which ended up being spit out, but sometimes baby spit up is so cute, isn't it?

First exercise in the fabulous ExerSaucer which Sophie enjoyed for about one month. Note to self - you do not need all of that "baby stuff" to entertain your next baby...the remote control or your cell phone seem to work just as and learn!

Sophie has always had the greatest facial expressions...she looks like she was up to something here. I can imagine her saying, "I know something you don't know." She probably had a poopy diaper :) (lol)

August 2004 - Sophie is trying to crawl...finally!

Sophie's first two teeth! For future reference, Hyland's brand homeopathic teething tablets and gel were really helpful during those fussy teething days.

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