Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Schrades Turns 2!

Earlier this month, sweet Lucas turned 2 years old! Lucas is the little boy that I used to nanny for and Sophie and I were able to help him celebrate the big day. Happy Birthday Lucas! We miss seeing you every day and we love you!

Lucas really loved those cupcakes...especially the frosting!

Sophie had so much fun picking out Lucas's present. She said, "Let's get him some gardening tools for digging in the dirt cause he likes to do that, and a watering can so he can give the flowers a drink or maybe make some mud or maybe get Tyson (his dog) all wet (hee, hee), and some of these garden snakes because boys like snakes." There was actually a much bigger discussion about all of this while we were at Target, but that is the condensed version.

Ooooh...there are some of those snakes. Lucas said "sssssss"!

Go get her Lucas!

Sweet hugs. I wasn't fast enough to catch it all on camera, but you get the idea!


Janet said...

I remember you talking about this little guy. What a blessing to celebrate with their family. I'm sure he misses you and Sophie too!

Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Kristen, thanks for the great pictures and sweet words. We really miss seeing you and Sophie so often and talk about you a lot. Lucas knows that Sophie likes pink and he looks at pics of her on the blog every few days : )

Sophie - thanks for the thoughtful gifts - Lucas loved playing outside all weekend!