Friday, April 11, 2008

Picnic at the Park

Last week we had some beautiful, sunny and warm weather so Clint took his girls to Lake Benson Park for a picnic.

The perfect spot for our picnic...under a shady tree

Our pretty view of the lake

A rare photo of me (the puffy pregnant woman with terrible seasonal allergies which cause her eyes to swell shut making them look even more puffy), however, I had to include the picture because there are very few of me and Sophie together since I am usually the one taking all of the pictures!

Sophie enjoying nature while maintaining her dainty pose...too funny :)

Down by the lake, Clint was teaching Sophie how to skip rocks on the water

She loved playing in the wet sand

"Look mom, I made a sandball."

Time to head back home (Sophie loves her Clint-y and I have loved watching them develop their special relationship).

One last stop to admire the tree with pink flowers

Our new ride home...Clint's new Jeep. His old car had over 200,000 miles and was showing signs that it's days were running out so a couple of weeks ago, Clint got a new one. The Jeep has quickly become his pride and joy...boys and their toys! :)


Janet said...

Sophie is such a pretty girl!! And, I must say, that you look wonderful yourself! Trust me....don't even ask Brian how I looked during my pregnancies! :)

Stephens Family News said...

Hey Kristen! :o)
We go to Lake Benson Park all the time! We should meet there sometime for a "play date"! :o)

vanessa calderon said...

you look beautiful! i love your new hair! (new to me, at least..)

these are great pictures of you and your family at the lake. i hope you had a wonderful day!

Sherri said...

Wow! I took Sarah to Lake Benson last week too. And Sarah has that very same dress and let me tell you, she would wear it every day if I would let her. Let's meet at Lake Benson Park some time for a playdate?
Kristen, you should come too! What fun!

How's the house selling? We listed ours today.