Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baking 101 with my Favorite Student

Sophie is so fun right now. I know every mom says this, but life keeps getting better with every new stage that Sophie is in. She has always been interested in learning and doing things on her own, but recently she wants to know everything about everything and she constantly amazes me with how much knowledge she retains. She is learning how to sound out words since she is super eager to read, she wants to learn how to play every sport she sees, she wants to learn all about nature and the world, and she wants to learn how to cook and bake like mommy. This last one amuses me since I only recently began to learn how to cook myself, but I am loving it. Today, Sophie made her first batch of chocolate chip cookies almost entirely on her own. I showed her how to read the measurements in the recipe and match them up with the measuring spoons and cups so she measured all the ingredients and poured them in the mixer herself. I was in charge of the oven portion of the baking for safety reasons, of course, but everything else was all Sophie. I was so proud of her and she was proud of herself too! Enjoy the pics from our Baking 101 class!
My big girl posing with the completed cookie batter
Not all of the ingredients made it into the mixing bowl, but the mess was worth every moment of the cookie making experience

The finished product...all 4 dozen cookies! Yum! Half of them are going to church tomorrow for a bake sale, but the other half will be ours to inhale...I mean enjoy! Thanks Sophie!


vanessa calderon said...

your cookies look so yummy! good job, sophie! i wish i was there to enjoy some of them!

Sherri said...

Way to go Sophie! You are such a pretty girl - posing like Vanna with those yummy cookies!